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Managing a Parallel Upgrade to SharePoint 2010

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SharePoint 2007 Upgrade Checklist

From Sharepoint Joel’s blog ,

• The results of the stsadm –o preupgradecheck from each SharePoint 2007 server.

This will give you the dependencies of your SSP, Farm Topology, including features and solutions in the farm.

• The results of the test-spcontentdatabase command that should have been run against each 2007 content DB from a 2010 server, saved to file(s).

This will give you all the missing dependencies including assemblies, webparts, features, XML, themes, etc…

• The output of “stsadm –o enumallwebs –IncludeFeatures –IncludeWebParts –IncludeEventReceivers –IncludeSetupFiles –IncludeCustomListView” (only needs to be run once on the 2007 farm)

This will give you the packages installed in the farm including feature receivers, and additional files added, including custom list views that have changed.

(Joel: I really like the look of that command. I don’t remember seeing those flags anywhere. I wonder when they showed up?)

• The results of the “stsadm –o enumsolutions” command from any 2007 server

This will give you the list of the packages installed on the farm

• The results of the “stsadm –o enumssp –all” command from any 2007 server.

The configuration of any and all SSPs

• Any documentation related to the upgrade, including

Upgrade Execution Plan

  • Back-out plan
  • Test plan results and remediation steps
  • 2010 Build Docs

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